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(3 stopped the struggle)

[21 Nov 2004|01:05pm]

Yeah this was my idea at the meeting we had. If you guys like let me know and I shall improve upon it, or you can take it as is too!

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(3 stopped the struggle)

Website Update [20 Aug 2004|10:19am]

Hey everyone out there!

Since i dont have school on fridays its my "Operation Orange" day. Theres been a number of updates on the website, so be sure to check it out. Also, If you have ANYTHING for the "in there own words" part of the site I would greatly apperciate it if you would email it to me (msfaerman@hotmail.com) for me to post. If you dont want people to know you posted it then we will put it up as anon. no questions asked. Remember this is OUR site not MY site.

Also, I've been looking for someone who might be interested in maintaining the Operation Orange website. If you interested please post here and I'll get in contact with you. I dont know when it got to be so much work!

Hope to see some of you a little later at the CS meeting, be safe everyone!


(the struggle)

mod post; reminder. [15 Jul 2004|04:02pm]

I'd like to remind everyone once again...


The last two posts are very lovely long posts but if they aren't put to friends only I am going to delete them. I've been telling people over and over and over to please follow the damn rules and no one fucking listens. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of it.

(1 stopped the struggle)

mod update/ I apologize [03 Jul 2004|02:47pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Sorry for the lack of posting on my part. I got so frustrated that no one was following the effin rules that I just kind of gave up. I think we need a new layout so if anyone has any suggestions, tell me. Just comment on the post.

Please please please make all of your posts friends only from now on. that was the whole point of this fucking community and not to get anyone upset but you all are fucking it up and its starting to piss me off like you have no idea.
SO, in light of the recent statement, if some of your posts are deleted? Um, well, you were warned.

Okay, anyway. Thats all for now, guys.


(1 stopped the struggle)

Chapters [21 Jun 2004|11:11pm]

[ mood | drained ]

I've gotten a few emals about moderating a local chapter. I put some info up on the site and I hope it helps. If you have any more questions you guys should always feel free to email me anytime of day for anything and Ill replay ASAP. i check me email like 3 times a day so....chances are Youll get it a replay in less than 24 hours.
Hope everyone is going well!

(msfaerman@hotmail.com if you ever need me for ANYTHING)

(1 stopped the struggle)

Hey [12 Jun 2004|10:44pm]

Hey just wanted to say welcome to the Op.O LJ com. Did you catch all that? LOL.
Some people are message board elitterate *cough*cough* SHELLEY *cough*cough* but having an LJ comm is great none-the-less. Tootles! dont for get the check the site, i just updated!

(the struggle)

MOD post! [12 Jun 2004|07:26pm]


Hello, and welcome to the Operation Orange Livejournal Website! All our information is in our userinfo, and if you have any questions please contact the following:

All posts from here-on out will be FRIENDS ONLY.

PLEASE, read the rules in the userinfo before joining! Thank you!


++ edit It may take a few days for me to actually be able to let you in the community. I get distracted and forget to check. Sorry for the inconvinience and wait.

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